When do you need a hopper?


Whether you need a hip
replacement operation recovery
, or a knee operation
walking rehab kit the hopper will
help you with everyday tasks
during your recovery time on
crutches such as carrying
your own drinks, food and
personal items. The hopper
is the perfect hip replacement
aftercare product! Shop now


The hopper is more than a
medical crutches bag,
any accident which affects
your ability to move around
creates an immediate unplanned
change in your life. The
hopper could be yout key
crutch mobility equipment
and can help you retain some
vital independence .


Any injury which leaves
you needing a crutch accessory,
even for a short period, is
frustrating and limits your
freedom. The hopper can
help you to manage on
your own, however long
your recovery takes. The
hopper is the perfect hands
free carry aid


Staying independent in
older age is key to staying in
your own home and
maintaining mental health.
Hoppers is are important walking
aid accessories can help carry
drinks and other items over
uneven thresholds or up and
down steps leaving both
hands free for holding on to
handles or hand rails.