What is a hopper?

The hopper is a practical and versatile hands-free carrying aid. Designed specifically to help people on crutches carry drinks, food and personal items. The hopper provides easy one-handed access to everything you want to take with you. The hopper stays with you up and down stairs and over uneven surfaces and thresholds.

The hopper keeps everything you want, just where you want it … right in front of you.

The hopper has four pockets of differing types and sizes. You can safely carry a drink, some food, your tablet, phone, keys, valuables, books, magazines, glasses and pretty much anything else. So no more having to eat or drink at the kitchen counter – you can take everything with you and sit down!

Because the hopper is designed specifically for crutch users, the pockets are easily accessible using one hand so you don’t have to put your crutches down. Once you’ve tried a hopper you’ll wonder how you managed without it.

With the hopper you carry the things you need and stay completely balanced

The hopper is designed so that the weight of the items you carry sits evenly above your hips. The result is that you stay completely balanced. It’s perfect if you’ve just had a hip replacement. And you can still see your feet, which is important when your stability is a key concern.

The hopper is made from a strong, lightweight, flexible fabric and is comfortable to wear. It is finished with a water resistant coating and is machine washable. The webbing belt is comfortable, adjustable and easy to release with one hand.

We are proud to have a 100% satisfaction rating from our customers!