If you are going to be using crutches, even for a short period of time, you will find you are no longer able to carry even the simplest things and move around easily at the same time.  Without the Hopper you will have to rely on someone else to carry those items for you.  Losing that independence is annoying for you and equally annoying for the person helping!

When using crutches your hands are occupied.  The Hopper can carry everything you need to use on a daily basis, saving you asking other people to carry things for you.   It offers easy one handed access to everything, right in front of you.

Some people try and hang shopping bags off their crutches to carry things.  Adding weight to your crutches will make moving them more difficult and will affect your balance which is not a good idea.  In addition, the swinging bags may hit you or possibly an area which is sore from an operation or injury.  You will also increase your width with shopping bags, which will make it difficult to get through doors and up and down stairs.  It’s really not very sensible!

Using a rucksack is another option.  Whilst better than a shopping bag, using a rucksack on crutches is hugely inconvenient.  You cannot simply sling it over one shoulder as it will fall down your arm as you move.  So you have to put your crutches down, take the rucksack off, unzip it, place your items in, zip it back up, put it back on both shoulders and then collect your crutches which may have fallen over.  And then repeat the whole process when you get where you are going.  Or you could use a Hopper which has easy one handed access to everything right in front of you

The Hopper is designed to fit adults and older teenagers.  If your waist size is 22 inches (56cm) or larger, the Hopper will fit you.  It has an extendable belt which is easily adjustable.

The belt which comes with the Hopper as standard extends up to a maximum of 46 inches (117cm).  If this is insufficient, you can purchase the optional belt extension which simply clips into the standard belt.  The belt extension adds 12 inches (30cm) and you can still use the standard belt to adjust the overall size to suit you.  You can add as many belt extensions as you like so the Hopper fits all sizes.

To make a Hopper small enough for children we would have to reduce the size of the pockets.  This  would make it less useful and so on balance we decided not to make a Hopper for children.

The Hopper has 4 pockets of different shapes and sizes:

  • The large flat pocket is ideal for separating items you want to protect such as your mobile phone, tablet or laptop from other items you are carrying. Alternatively it is great for a magazine or work papers etc.
  • The large, gusseted pocket is perfect for everyday personal items you want to take with you including snacks and bulkier items. You can also carry a meal if you put it into a sealed container (available from many online suppliers).
  • The expanding drinks pocket is perfect for a travel mug, water bottle or thermos flask so you can easily carry hot and cold drinks, soups etc. 350-500ml containers fit best into this pocket.
  • The zipped pocket is perfect for small or valuable items such as keys, credit cards etc.

Please also read ‘What can’t I put in the Hopper?’

Please use common sense when deciding what to put in your Hopper!

Don’t carry anything which might cause you to lose your balance or would injure you if you were to fall (sharp knives, scissors etc).  Don’t carry hot liquids which are not in a sealed container.  Mugs, bottles and flasks with closable lids are available from many online retailers for very reasonable prices.

The Hopper is made from a strong lightweight fabric which has a water resistant coating.  The best way to clean your Hopper is:

  • Remove dust and crumbs from the pockets using a vacuum cleaner on a low suction setting
  • Wipe the fabric clean using a cloth and warm water
  • If necessary use a mild detergent to remove any marks which remain

Whilst we do not recommend it for daily cleaning (in order to preserve the fabric coating), you can put your Hopper into the washing machine on a low temperature (max 30 degrees), delicate setting and low spin speed using very mild detergent only and no fabric conditioner.  Allow the Hopper to dry away from direct heat and do not tumble dry.

Yes, absolutely!  The Hopper spreads the weight of the items you want to carry evenly, just above your hips.  You will be spending several weeks on crutches following a hip operation and the Hopper will help you to maintain your independence during this time.  You will quickly find it to be a fundamental part of your daily life.

Many of our customers have had hip operations – please read our testimonials to see how the Hopper helped them.

If you have suffered a lower limb fracture or damaged a joint or ligament to the extent that you require crutches to move around then you will have realised doing even the most basic task can be hugely frustrating.  The Hopper can transform your daily life by allowing you to carry the things you need, including your personal items, drinks, snacks and even meals.

Yes!  A Hopper can transform your time on crutches even for a day or two.  And by making everyday tasks easier, it reduces the risk of aggravating an injury and thereby lengthening your recovery period.

Yes!  The hopper is perfect for taking your personal items with you up and down stairs and also across uneven thresholds.

We recognise that when you need a Hopper, you really need one as soon as possible!  We aim to dispatch all orders received before 2pm on the same day.  We usually use Royal Mail First Class Signed For delivery service.  This has the dual benefits of a one day delivery aim and being better value for our customers compared to one-day courier services.

We comply with the UK distance and online selling regulations.  Please refer to our Returns Policy and our Terms and Conditions for further information.  You will find links to these at the bottom of this page.

No!  The Hopper design is protected by copyright.  The Hopper name is a registered trademark.  You may not copy the Hopper or use the name.