The Hopper + Stainless Steel Drinks Bottle


The Hopper + Stainless Steel Drinks Bottle

It is proven that maintaining hydration during recovery is beneficial.  Now we’re not telling you what to put in our drinks bottle, but we’re assuming it’s going to be something healthy … and as an incentive we’re offering a saving when you buy the Hopper and the bottle together.

You get a Hopper which is made from a strong, lightweight, flexible fabric and finished with a water resistant coating. It has four useful pockets of varying shapes and sizes (one with a zip) to carry just about anything you’ll need while leaving your hands free. The adjustable belt has a buckle you can undo with one hand and if it’s not long enough you can add as many belt extensions as you like (available separately).

You also get a stainless steel drinks bottle made by Glogg.  This bottle is ideal for carrying cold drinks in the Hopper. High quality stainless steel construction avoids all the issues with plastic bottles. Screw on lid with a flip top and pull stopper. Our favourite drinks bottle and we think it complements the Hopper nicely.

Hopper made from a lightweight fabric
Treated with a water resistant coating
Adjustable belt (22 – 46 inches / 56 – 117 cm)
Optional belt extension (12 inches / 30 cm) available separately

Stainless steel bottle
Sports top with pull stopper
Made from food grade 304 stainless steel
Not dishwasher safe


Hopper dimensions        450mm x 330mm
Hopper weight                 200g

Bottle capacity                 500ml
Bottle dimensions           215mm x 66mm diameter
Bottle weight                    142g

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