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THERA°PEARL packs can be heated or chilled to provide the most effective treatment for your injuries.  The patented Pearl Technology® means that they always remain flexible, even when frozen, and are soft on your skin.  Designed by a doctor in the US, the re-usable packs hold their temperature for 20 minutes which is the perfect length of time for a treatment.

Chill in the fridge/freezer or heat in the microwave.  No drips, no mess, just soothing relief.

The THERA°PEARL Sports Pack is perfect for treating almost any area of pain comfortably.  Compact, portable and always flexible it will mould to the shape of your body.

Not just useful in the immediate recovery phase whilst you’re on crutches, the Sports Pack will provide useful therapy for aches or pains in the months and years after you’re back on your feet.  A great investment!

Always flexible, even when frozen
Chill or heat as required
Soft on your skin
Patented Pearl Technology®

Dimensions        180mm x 115mm
Weight                250g

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