Here is a selection of real feedback from our customers:


This is an amazing product. I have just had a knee replacement and will be on crutches for about six weeks. As well as recovering from surgery and the pain I felt really down that I had to rely on people to carry things about for me. The Hopper has given me back some of my independence. I would definitely recommend it.

             Sherryl A, Lancashire


I’ve just had an ankle fusion and am on crutches for the gazillionth time and the joy of discovering the Hopper after 25+ surgeries can only be described as a boon! Seriously, it’s so useful for carry all my bits and pieces. I didn’t realise how much I relied on other people to take my stuff around for me. The Hopper is a really useful product that I’d have no hesitation in recommending to others. Great product, great price, great company! Thanks.

             Dee M, Liverpool


The Hopper is proving very useful while I am on crutches after breaking my ankle.

             Mike G, Bedfordshire


I really like the Hopper and it is so useful.
I sprained my ankle badly last month and my doctor told me to use crutches, but it is so annoying… I can’t carry ANYTHING!!
I am so glad to discover your product, it has been helping me a lot. Best wishes.

             Kotomi Y, Surrey


The Hopper has been very useful for me. I have used it to carry my iPhone and iPad upstairs and it has reduced the strain on my multiple injuries from an accident.
I am currently using a walking stick and can only carry light weights which means carrying things round the house is difficult. The Hopper is proving very useful in this regard.
It is of very good quality and easy to use and meets all my needs. Thank you.

             Katherine P, Berkshire


The Hopper was a great spirit lifter during my weeks on crutches and then with a moon boot and stick. I felt I regained a little more freedom and sanity! The Hopper flask pouch was an excellent feature as I had a fear of dropping something heavy like that on my foot.
Thank you for your innovation!

             Fiona R, Perthshire


Many thanks. The Hopper is great and I’ve said so on Facebook to spread the word. I appreciate how well – made it is as well as how useful.
Carrying my mobile and my Nexus tablet is only one of the problems it has already solved. I like the zipped purse for small objects too.
Good luck with the business.

             Pauline J, Nottinghamshire


excellent product; extremely useful, a good buy at a value for money price. delivery was excellent too

             Leon M, Norfolk


I was very pleased with the product for quality and usefulness.

             Margery B, Perthshire


A couple of weeks ago I had an operation on my ankle and now have a cast on and getting around on crutches. I have found the hopper invaluable as otherwise I would not have been able to carry anything. It has given me some independence. I can even make coffee in the container and drink it somewhere other than the kitchen. I  would certainly recommend the hopper to anyone. I am 64 so independence means a great deal to me.

             Lorraine W, Midlothian


It has proved very useful!

             Patrick R, Kent


My new Hopper has been a godsend. It means I can carry important things like food & drink. Life is easier now. Thanks Hopper!

             Karen M, Manchester


My friend finds it really useful and was very grateful for the gift.

             Linda U, Midlothian


I am very pleased with my Hopper. I am not on crutches, but wanted something for my spectacles, mobile phone, landline phone, pinger if there’s something cooking in the oven, keys etc when I’m working in the garden and it’s excellent for all that. If I get a chance to sit in the evening sun on my swingseat at the end of the garden it also carries my newspaper and pen for the crossword, sunhat and drink – so it was just what I have been looking for for some time. What’s more it’s very light …….. you can tell I’m very pleased!

             Ann M, West Sussex


I think the Hopper is a great product.
Having both hands engaged with crutches, it’s been a great help. I’ve been able to carry both my laptop and a flask of coffee around the house has liberated me from spending most of my day in the kitchen, using the worktop as my desk. The two large pouches make it easy to move both computer and papers at the same time, which is another benefit, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how much weight the Hopper will take without sagging or slipping.
For the four weeks that I’ve had it, it has made a huge difference to the quality of my days.
Good luck, and thanks.

             Rob M, London


I would just like to write again and thank you for your invaluable product, following my second hip replacement in 10 weeks it has become something I rely on.
I think its great, and when I am fully mobile again I will still be able to use it being so versatile.
Again thank you.

             Pauline R, County Down


I found I was able to do a lot of things much easier i.e. even just carrying mail!

Thank you.

             Stacey A, Renfrewshire


Great item,no one prepares you for having to manage on crutches when you are armless. A well thought out product. Many thanks.

             Pauline R, County Down


I am loving the hopper! I mostly use it for shifting food around and it copes with a 4 pint carton of milk with no problem (the kids drink a lot of milk) and occasionally for tidying up after the kids, it holds quite a lot of toys & books.
I usually put my lunch in a plastic box in the front pocket. My iPad fits in there perfectly too, almost as if it was designed for it …..
From a practical point of view its usefulness has exceeded the expectation I had when I first saw it. Thank you.

             Steven K, Midlothian